Bicep Exercises and variations

The biceps are mainly two different muscle groups which the root word “bi” stands for two. We have our interior and exterior heads that make up the biceps. We are demonstrating basically 4 different movements that will hit each or even sometimes both of these heads. Also will involve other muscles as the brachioradialis and brachialis which connect into our forearm.

Start off showing a curl while only utilizing a band. I do enjoy using this motion many times in the beginning especially for anyone who has or had issues with tendinitis. This will allow to properly warm up the joints as well as the biceps before increasing any sort of ballistic motion.

Next using dumbbells which are more readily used for bicep training. You can vary motions in so many ways to target the different heads of the bicep. If we supinate and bring the dumbbells out further away from the trunk of our body we will hit a lot more inner head. If we perform a cross body hammer then we will focus more on the outer head. So just varying hand position and even where we contract from and to will change the type of load and focal point on the biceps.

Safety tips on biceps!! I always want to focus on keeping the elbows tight to the body as well as making sure we don’t elevate the elbow or anteriorly displace the elbow. If we make this sort of move, then we will add more direct stress on the shoulders for stabilizing the movement. Many times even shoulder injuries will happen in a bicep motion if one uses too much weight to properly handle and/or increases motion to involve more than just the bicep.

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